Elite RealAxiom (wired) power readings on Zwift

Hello Zwift,

I just started using Zwift with my RealAxiom wired trainer and am loving it so far-thank you for supporting this trainer. However I noticed a problem right off, which is that the power reported on Zwift is quite a bit higher than my actual output, by about 60-70 watts on average. I’m wondering if there is anyway I can calibrate the power to more accurately reflect my output? Thanks much,


You can try to calibrate your RA unit. If you search for calibrate on the www.realaxiom.com/ website you will find the instructions.



Basically, follow these rules:

  • if you need to change the behavior during climbs, you have to change P1 and P2 (P1 for the high climbs, P2 for the medium climbs); if you need to change the behavior during plane rides, change only P3.

  • if you need more resistance, you have to lower the value; if the trainer brakes too much, you have to increase the value

  • increase or decrease the values by 20-30 points at time and then have a try to see if the simulation is more accurate; if not, go on modifying them.