Power calibration

Most power meter companies recommend you calibrate your power meter before use. It would be nice to have a calibration feature before you start riding so you can continue to track your offset value when your using he game.

This would be a fabulous feature. Virtual Training has it as an option before each session there. 

On related note: there are some calibration constants in a trainer configuration (Elite at least), but they don’t seem to make any change in Zwift. I mean - whatever I put there, it changes my performance in Elite training program, but it doesn’t seem to change anything in Zwift

Am I right that Zwift reads some ‘raw’ values from ANT and uses its own calibration for given trainer, so any extra calibration is pointless?

It seem utterly bonkers to me that with so much on Zwift depending on accurate trainer calibration that this isn’t yet available.  Go on team - make it so.  Thanks in advance,  Dave.

Please please add an in-game calibration option. The bluetooth connection between my smartphone and my taxc vortex is really flaky and it can take 5-10 mins to do the simple calibration - that’s not including the 10 min warm up time either.