Power CALIBRATION on Zwift

I doubt that many riders also use a Garmin headset when riding on Zwift, so doesn’t that mean that Zwift should have a trainer and powermeter calibration function to ensure that the power being broadcast to Zwift is well calibrated for the environment that day?     As I understand it now, Zwift seems to assume that riders will calibrate their powertrainers or powermeters to a Garmin headunit. That seems odd, if I understand correctly as surely many people will ride outside, calibrate outside, and then pop their bike/powermeter onto a turbo and forget to recalibrate before riding, especially as they likely are not even turning on their Garmin when inside as Zwift gives most people the data they need?   Pls advise Zwift HQ.   Thanks.  

Good point!

This is definitely something that’s on our radar (we easily see the value here), but since we’re still a small studio (and as most hardware has its own calibration tool, if applicable), this is probably something that won’t be implemented right away. Stay tuned!

I think that you should tell the community to calibrate their powermeters or powertrainers to their indoor environment via a Garmin headset … Right?

Would be useful but there are work arounds - I’m using TrainerRoad which has the feature) alongside Zwift.

there should  be an option for computrainers,(and probably other smart trainers) to allow a pause to do a trainer calibration then restart where you were.  The workaround is not the best option, either stopping and restarting or using someone else’s app, when for the purposes of the game and training in particular it is important that the trainer be properly warmed up and calibrated.

I always run my garmin in tandem with zwift for that reason (not calibrating your power meter is kinda under productive)


I fully agree with K.C.


We really need this, otherwise all the races are pointless (ZTR, PTZ, …). For me comparing with others, real Watt/kg is a key driver to pay for Zwift.


Can you pls consider?

Jason K, what most trainers would need is the ability to pause the game wirhout leaving that will release the trainer. We could do a calibration, then pair it back up then go back into game.

Forgive my ignorance, but my Stages power meter has an app on my phone where I can do a zero calibration. Does this do the same thing as if I had my Garmin on?

Another request I would have is to be able to change the output in Zwift to maybe 3s or 5s, like on my Garmin head unit. Right now it looks to be 1s and its a bit more difficult to keep a steady output (or it could be my Stages just isn’t very reliable, I don’t know).

To my knowledge Garmin units are calibrated “internally” to zero the power at rest. This procedure will do nothing with the numbers transmitted to Zwift app. For correct power readings, a calibration feature is needed INSIDE Zwift app to zero out any power offset in the numbers recieved from the strain gauge!

I would really like this implemented. Is there any update from Zwift as to if this feature can/will be included?

This does seem like a fundamental feature…
I’m surprised this still hasn’t been sorted.

The calibration feature on (some) trainers are quite useless and not good enough for proper power readings. Last season I used a rear wheel with a Powertap G3, calibrated this to my Garmin and then went for a ride. Afterwards I compared the average power between Zwift and my Garmin and adjusted roller pressure accordingly on my Bushido smart. After a few days the numbers matched and I just needed the occational 1/8 or 1/4 turn adjustment after a session to get the numbers within +/- 3 Watts. Observe that precise tire pressure is paramount for this to work, a digital pressure gauge is needed to calibrate pressure before each run! -And calibrate the strain gauge with no roller/rider pressure on the back wheel!

Zwift: Do your homework and implement a calibration feature please! 

  1. State type of power meter in settings.

  2. Do a zero calibration before ride.

  3. Option for a new cal on the roadside when things are warmed up.