Power meter selection - how does it work

I got part way through tonight’s ride and was feeling like the gearing wasn’t making sense relative to speed. I’d be in my big chain ring going up the 10% climb and the pedaling didn’t get easier as I crested the hill. Turns out Zwift was using my SRM for power rather than the Kickr so there was no changing the resistance.

2 things with this. One, interesting to see how well Zwift works with just a power meter rather than a smart trainer. I was actually impressed.
2nd, it’d be nice if it automatically used the same power source as my last ride. It didn’t even dawn on me that I might need to check that it was connected to the kickr instead of my SRM.

" if it automatically used the same power source as my last ride" - will vote for this

I’m pretty certain that Zwift remembers my devices at each login. Could be wrong, but I don’t pair Kickr very often. I usually have more issues trying to pair my Garmin cadence sensor.

We should have an online profile of sorts that we can go to outside of the game to setup ant+ sensors, set FTP level, create workouts etc… so that we don’t have to do this all in game. And whatever we create there when in game we could like "pick structured workout “Allan 1”, “bike 2”, “power meter 2”, “HR sensor 1”, etc…

A list of sensors and “profiles” would be cool, so that those folks with multiple bikes could pick out profiles 1/2/3 for their road / track / TT bike etc…

A definite +1 on the bike profiles idea. I’ve used other software that doesn’t offer that ability and, as someone who used to regularly switch between TT and road bikes on the trainer, not having the ability to simply select the bike you want is a pain.