Differentiate powermeter and smart trainer powermeters in Zwift app

(T hird Wheel [KRT]) #1

Can Zwift please add the functionality to differentiate powermeters(strain gauges) and powermeters in smart trainers in the Zwift app. 

(Scott) #2

Hi Martin - I’m guessing that you want this info displayed in game in the riders list on the right hand side of the screen, but just in case you didn’t know, you can view it today in the Zwift Mobile Link app by clicking on a user’s name in the Rider’s Nearby screen.

Zwifter using Power Meter:

Zwifter using Smart Trainer as power source:

Out of curiosity, can you elaborate on why you’d like to see this info in game? 

(T hird Wheel [KRT]) #3

Scott B. these two screenshots are a good example. The top one can be generated by selected the powermeter within the Vortex Smart(for example) smarttrainer. And without going into details, I dont find the power figures coming from the smart trainers that accurate. Anyways when you are pairing you can choose powermeter (smart trainer) or you can choose powermeter(one with strain gauages like Stages PM’s). I would like to see which of the 2 powermeter options the rider has selected when they paired. Did they pair with the smarttrainer PM or did they pair with the strain guage type powermeter like Stages for example. Essentially the top example needs to be broken down into 2 sub groups. If you hook up a Tacx Vortex smart trainer you will see 2 options for power(powermeter(Smartrainer) and just Smarttrainer) and then there is another option where you pair with a powermeter(strain gauage type). I have 3 options effectively to pair. Hope that makes sense

(Susan Downing) #4

One the one hand, I get you.  I discount any rider w/o a power meter or smart trainer as not accurate.  True or not, it’s what I choose to do.  However, I have two PM’s.  I have just (unfortunately) discovered that my TT’s PM runs lower numbers than my roadie’s PM. 

Point - there’s variability among all power meters and you still don’t know if the rider has accurately entered their weight.  I try to just let it go (- except for those Z-power people).