Zwift Power : Powermeter or smart trainer ?

(Etienne Brunet) #1



On my bike I have a Powermeter. I also have a Tacx Vortex Smart Trainer.

When I setup Zwift should I use my powermeter as the power source or the smart trainer ?



(Scott) #2

Hi Etienne, you can pair your power meter as the power source to get the best of both worlds. Zwift will still control your smart trainer resistance if you pair it as the Controllable Trainer and your power data will be normalized for both your indoor and outdoor rides.

(Etienne Brunet) #3

Thx !

(A Simashin (B)) #4

Of course you can, but it would not work in Workout Mode

(A Simashin (B)) #5

Here is the “Feature request” for Zwift making ERG possible in  workout mode if you use controlled trainer and a powermeter as a power source -