Workouts in ERG mode with power meter

Make it possible to use a separate power meter while still having Zwift adjust the resistance on a smart trainer to match a workout wattage target. I know this was available earlier, but was disabled due to issues. Please make it work so we can use our power meters for both indoor and outdoor workouts!

P.S. I love a smart trainer, but I really want consistency with power readings in the real world.

Me too. This is making me using TrainerRoad instead of Zwift workout mode. 

I would like this also. Would luv to have the reading off my power meter but Zwift control erg mode during workout modes. The solve the over or under reading of the kickr for me.

+1 for this functionality. 

You have this functionality in the free ride mode already, please include it in the workout mode.

This may be the last thing keeping me from switching entirely from TR to Z.

This functionality is primary. Please update it.

I have left Zwift because of this. 

I emailed with the support manager about this. 

And after I said that I was satisfied with how TR doing it he didn’t care to respond to my email anymore. 

I also told him that after this is working I’m going to replace TR with Zwift because of the advantages Zwift having the “game” part that I enjoy. 

Zwift managers, when is going to be ready this functionality?? 

+1 The combination of Zwift paired with my Kickr for power data in Workout mode (rather than my Quarq) so I can use ERG mode to control resistance is not resulting in reliable and consistent interval efforts.

I did a 2 x 20 min 215w tempo interval workout on Zwift today using that setup & ERG. The Zwift/Kickr combination said the two intervals averaged 214w & 210w, respectively; my Quarq paired with my Garmin 1000 recorded the intervals as 210 & 235, respectively! 

That is great agreement on the first interval and both my perceived exertion and HR were consistent with a 210-215w effort. But the Kickr power data clearly went out of whack on the 2nd interval. There was a 25w (10%) difference compared to my Quarq and both perceived exertion and HR were consistent with the 235-240w effort recorded by the Quarq.

Whether it be temperature drift or something else, it’s clear the Kickr was an unreliable source of power output from one interval to the next.

Please allow the use of ERG mode while using an external power meter for power data in workout mode. At least in this case, it’s more than just having consistency with outdoor efforts; it’s a consistency issue between longer intervals during a single workout.


I absolutely concur. Today while training my trainer (kickr snap) was reading powers of 150 and I was producing power of up to 300 on my stages. I did the spin down and everything. It seems once it starts to glitch, the power figures make it incredibly difficult to match. 

I’m going to renew my trainer road subscription until this is fixed. This is a huge area as it seems like 1/2 the riders out there are doing workouts… 

I agree. This is an important feature to make workout mode useful (and therefore Zwift overall) for the many people who use power meters for year-round training inside and outside.

I thinks this is duplicate of -

Quite right, Aleksandr. Couldn’t find that one back then, though. Thanks!

Vote in that theme too )


I’m using Elite Real Emotion B+ and the power offset compared to the Garmin Vector can be easily 60W. And also variates a lot with the power output and the temperature of the trainer.

This makes it practically useless, specially on workout mode.

Zwift works great reading the prower from the Vector on normal ride mode. Why is not possible to adjust the resistance on the trainer to keep a given power read from the power meter? Sound like straightforward. 

+1 for this, really missing the power control in workout mode

I just upgraded my 10 yr old Fortuis with a Bushido smart so I finally do not need to scale each interval in my programs to accont for the trainers drift (based on experience).

When I tried the new trainer I could not get it to work since I had the power meter connected - it was never in my thoughts that the power meter feedback should not be the main controller here. 

Seriously - this is not nice-to-have - this is mandatory!

And please du not say this is hard to fix. The trainers fade fairly slow so a 30 sec avarage window used to scale the power towards the power meter reading will probably have aligned the trainer with the power meter long before a 5 min warm up is done.

Until then - TR here I come!

I agree, I will renew my Zwift subscription as soon as powermatch feature is available. Untill then Trainerroad.

I agree too.

Really annoying ERG mode isn’t supported using separate power meter!

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There is the main request of this feature