External power meter with erg

Is there a way to use an external power meter and use erg mode to do a workout. I’m using a kickr snap I don’t do a spin down ever would a spin down help. Or to use Zwift and erg mode properly you have to use the trainer as the power. I did a zone 2 ride at 185 power was somewhat close it would go
Up and down a lot but wasn’t consistent. Does anyone know ??

Sure you can.

A couple of years ago I used to pair my 4iiii crank arm power meter to Zwift for erg workouts instead of my turbo. Power matching wasn’t so smooth but it was ok, giving me more of an idea of what to expect when spring arrived and I started riding outdoors again.

Yeah I noticed the power wasn’t as smooth but was somewhat close but not dead on

Wahoo trainers have ERG mode power smoothing enabled by default. If you have that setting turned on, the smoother power graphs you see are completely fake.

The best way to control your Kickr with an external power meter is via the Wahoo app.
Open the app, select your Kickr under “My Sensors”, scroll down to the options and select “Control w/ANT+ power meter”, enter the ANT+ ID number, then close the app.
Your Kickr will now be controlled by your power meter.

This is better than doing so through the Zwift pairing screen, because it only uses on BT channel.

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I know this is an old post but…

In zwift do you tell it to use the kickr or your power meter as a power source after this?

Zwifts ERG control on short intervals just doesnt work for me (it just never hits the target and I get 0 star workouts) when I use my power meter (Garmin pedals).

Use the Kickr as power source after pairing the external/additional power meter to your Kickr