In Game Calibration for Power Meters


I have a set of Vector 3 Pedals and a bit confused that no calibration, in game exists. Presently, I’m faffing with booting up the Bolt, just to Zero Offset. If I have Trainerroad running in Tandem, I can do it in there.
Seemingly, Zwift will allow the calibration of Trainers. But I don’t understand why the Power meters zero offset aren’t covered in Zwift, like Trainerroad does? :man_shrugging:

Please let’s have this feature and keep it in house

Same. I use the Trainerroad app to zero my power meter on Zwift.

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Agreed, but it’s going to confuse a lot of people as to what it does, why it exists, and how to do it properly.

For your use-case - Enable auto-zero within the Vector 3 settings (Garmin Connect app) and allow that to zero them (a small amount, which is all that should be required).

From Garmin:

when auto-zero is enabled :

When the Vector pedals are woken up (by turning the cranks), the pedals will try to do an auto-zero. This will succeed if the pedals are stationary for the requisite time (usually less than ten seconds) and the bike is reasonably upright. The pedals will also try to do an auto-zero immediately before going to sleep (four minutes after the last pedaling stroke).
Auto-zero will fail if the bike is not upright, if motion was detected, or if the offset shift is too large (which could be caused by a pedal leaning on something).


Cheers, Buddy!
I hope i’m getting this right, because I have done this already and have auto-zero offset set on GCM. However, I don’t keep GCM on my phone, just find it a bit of mess and bloaty and since, I’ve done away with all Garmin devices now (apart from the V3’s) it’s unnecessary. I’ll reinstall when a new firmware updates etc… That being said, if I need to keep GCM on the phone to ensure the auto zero is activated and pedals are sync’d to GCM… It’s messy mate! If the code is just set once in the app and the pedals deal with auto zero offset autonomously, smashing!:+1:

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Shane, there’s a difference between “auto-zero” and “static zero calibration”. The auto-zero feature will only shift the zero offset a small amount, a static zero calibration is the “full” manual zero. It would be good if Zwift could add the ability to perform a “static zero calibration” from within the UI.

I went into Zwift 2 days ago, and for some reason my Vector pedals are now reporting about +80W from their normal values (though it does pain me to admit that, I would love to have gained 80W overnight!). I don’t actually have a head unit (only a Forerunner watch), so I have no way of performing this static zero calibration.

The just use the Garmin app and your smartphone…