Garmin Vector Calibration

(Yvan Poulin) #1

Hi All,

I’ve been searching the support and can’t find an answer to this.  In TrainerRoad, I can calibrate my Garmin Vectors and also on my Garmin Head Unit, but as I’m not using the head unit when training, how do I calibrate (zero’d) my pedals before I start an activity?

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

We don’t offer calibration for power meters in Zwift yet. If you’ve zero’d them out prior to Zwift then they should be good to go.

(Matt Canna) #3

Honestly for vectors, they can go week to week for calibration.  When i calibrate my power source the kickr, i will do a trainer road workout before i hit the zwift.

So as i am warming up i just calibrate then and there.