Zero offset for powermeter pedals

would be good if you could zero offset pedals in zwift - a bit like the spin down for trainers

would save me having to do it on my garmin head unit or on a different app

do the pedals auto offest ? my garmin v3s. do on start and finis(.
it doesn’t seem to make any difference to figure if i use the garmin head calibrate or not.

no - I have to do it on my garmin device or in the pedals’ app on my phone before use

how would you pedals zero offset automatically? do they not have to be in a certain position before you can offset? how would it know when to do it? Mine have to have the cranks vertical and the bike vertical and me unclipped

the garb in V3s have an auto offset mode where they perform the faction on walks up, no load, or when about to go to sleep, also i assume checking your not still clipped on and asleep :wink:

I know this is an old thread, but I’ve just voted for the feature (and am surprised I’m only the fifth, as I saw the lack of this feature mentioned in a review of Zwift, I think by DC Rainmaker).

The V3 pedals do auto offset, but if the value changes too much, the pedals will ignore it. That’s to make sure they don’t receive an erroneous value (e.g. the pedal has load on it) and store that as the correct value.
Garmin do recommend doing a manual zero offset every now and then to provide a new reference for the auto zero offset.

@Chris, the Garmin manual says that they ‘automatically calibrate after each ride’ but not what position they should be in. The same is true on the advice on their website for performing a manual calibration. I’m used to putting the crank-based power meter on my other bike vertical, but I suppose the pedals always hang in the same orientation regardless. It would make sense for them to say the bike should be vertical, though (unless it doesn’t matter for them).

yeah, i am surprised to, I think quite a few people use pedals as power source so would need to offset manually (favero assiomas need to be done before each ride)

mine need the cranks to be at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock and the pedals hanging vertically, the bike needs to be vertical and still but that isn’t a problem when on a turbo.

it is a minor thing but having to use the app to offset then pair to zwift is an added step and you can only connect to one device/app at a time via bluetooth so you have to make sure it is unpaired from one before connecting to the other.

It’s required after (re)installation and a good idea to do it once every now and then, but it’s definitely not necessary before each ride.

The app says to do it before each use for maximum precision.

Yeah, checked there myself as well. I don’t think this “maximum precision” is noticeable, especially if you keep the bike in the trainer. (Disclaimer: I nowadays use the pedals mainly just for dual recording, seems to stay within ±1% of the Kickr without calibrating as well.)

Incidentally, I also noticed that my crank length had somehow changed to 2.5 mm too little (so thanks for that), so if you implement a zero offset function for pedals, it would be useful to be able to check and change the crank length there too.

I agree it might not make a huge difference but for people using their bikes indoors and outdoors it will probably be ore useful with changes in temperature etc.

Yeah, agree that it might make more sense in that case.