Zero offset for powermeter pedals

would be good if you could zero offset pedals in zwift - a bit like the spin down for trainers

would save me having to do it on my garmin head unit or on a different app

do the pedals auto offest ? my garmin v3s. do on start and finis(.
it doesn’t seem to make any difference to figure if i use the garmin head calibrate or not.

no - I have to do it on my garmin device or in the pedals’ app on my phone before use

how would you pedals zero offset automatically? do they not have to be in a certain position before you can offset? how would it know when to do it? Mine have to have the cranks vertical and the bike vertical and me unclipped

the garb in V3s have an auto offset mode where they perform the faction on walks up, no load, or when about to go to sleep, also i assume checking your not still clipped on and asleep :wink: