Elite Real Tour B+

Hi, I am using Elite real Tour B+ and currently even if using zwift difficulty set to max, when cycling on planes(0% inclination) i dont feel the same like on the road.)

Is there a way to calibrate it?

do you have an option like to increase/dicrease difficulty like in ERG mode so that we can manually at least set the difficultly level.

Also average power is too high i believe and speed as well, calculation is not correct. This is not realistic, and messes strava results.


Similar questions from me. Hopefully, one of us gets an answer.


I recently purchased this trainer to use with Zwift on a MacBook Pro. I have Garmin Vector pedals, spd/cadence, and HR strap.

Does the Realtour B+ measure and transmit power output, without the use of external power sensors, like my pedals, with similar accuracy?

I noticed that Zwift can select the trainer as the power meter and when compared to my Vector output, read on Garmin 510, Zwift reports on average of 30W higher than the Trainer while. Readings were taken on a flat portion of Zwift over three minutes, to ensure there’s no readout delay from sensor/trainer to display devices.

I’m struggling with the same thing. Also using a RealTour B+, and consistently getting power values that are about 50 Watts too high. In the Elite Real software is a calibration tool, but this calibration only seems to apply to the Elite Real software itself, not to the trainer itself?

Tackled it! Using a seperate power meter, you can determine three calibration values P1/P2/P3 using the Calibration Tool in the Elite Real software. There is a seperate tool to upload these values to your trainer. These are instructions I got from Elite:

  • Download RealTrainerCalibration from this link: http://tiny.cc/hrpi8x

  • Run it on the PC with the USB Dongle plugged on the PC

  • Insert the serial number of your trainer

  • Select real Tour B+

  • Click on START

  • insert the 3 calibration points that you have previously found

  • Wait (about 11 minutes) the upload of data

  • Close RealTrainerCalibration

  • Power off and then power on again the trainer

Be sure to put the Calibration Tool in the same location as your Elite software, something like Program Files\Elite\Real.

Good luck!