Zwift Dutch National Championships

I saw this news today and I thought it would be a good chance for me to try my first group event/race but I have yet to try an FTP test.  Should I schedule an FTP test or is it enough to take my highest average wattage divided by my weight to figure out what category I am in?  For that course and length (Flat 5 times) my very best was 185-190w average with weight jumping from 82-83 kg usually, which seems to put me firmly in the D camp.  I think.  Not sure if I am coming at this correctly.

I think you’re right with these calculations. Good luck with the Dutch championships, though your name doesn’t sound all that Dutch to me :wink:

Haha!  Thanks for the confirmation!  You are right about not being Dutch though.  I don’t mind that I won’t be part of the final results however.  Just looking forward to some fun and exercise.  If my computer was within reach during riding I would cheer everyone who passed me.