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Can anyone help me with a small problem ? My events upload to zwift and zwift power no problem but on zwift power I don’t get a finishing position and don’t appear on any GC despite finishing an event.

What was the name/date/time/timezone of the event, and your category? (alternately share the event ID and your category)

Anyone has an idea when people with a clear over power race will be removed from the race standings and the GC ?

Almost 11 hours since our C cat race and the winner with 4.9 and 2nd with 3.5 are still there.

4.9 in a C race. If that doesnt ring any bells in a few minuts I have little hope this event will be somewhat fair.

They won’t be removed from the race results because that’s not how category enforcement works. The 4.9 guy will get upgraded; though, and so won’t figure in the Cat C GC.

Gotta say … not racing for 3 years and then electing to ride in Cat C and put out 5wkg for 36 minutes is such a tiny d*ck move. :roll_eyes:

ETA: The fella in second is right at the top.of Cat C, but not above it for zFTP and zMAP. In fact, his numbers are just a shade better than mine at pretty much the same weight. Not surprisingly, I have no issue with his ride. :joy: He’s tip-toeing that line between C and B, though.

Cat C 1502 start time today.

As you can see it gives me a finishing time on zwift companion but not on zwift power. Thanks

They’ll be forced into their new category in their next race if they got a category upgrade, unless they signed up in advance for multiple stages in which case they can keep doing it until they sign up for another one post-upgrade. (Yes this does suck but that’s how it works.)

Lacking a HRM you have been excluded from the results. If you click on the Unfiltered tab at the top of the ZwiftPower results you’ll see that you finished @ position 52 among riders who have a ZwiftPower profile. Are you having problems with your heart rate monitor?

Thanks for clearing that up. Yes, im having triuble with the jet black HRM I got from the zwift shop.:+1:

I’ve heard a few problems reported by people with that HRM. You have three ways to pair it:

  • Paired directly to the game
  • Paired via the Companion app
  • Paired via your trainer if it supports that (Zwift Hub and Elite trainers do)

If none of those options work you can work with Zwift support, or just return it and get a different one. Polar are generally considered the best quality and best tested. I use a Coospo HW706 which is very cheap and works well - maybe not the best quality but it always works to prevent getting kicked out of races.

Thanks for your help.

Hmmm I have seen plenty removed from Zwiftpower in the ranking in a race when they exceeded the race requirements or dont have a hrm.

That happens a lot in the monthly ZRacing so why not here ?

Wow, never knew that. That is really bad.

In ZRacing events, people are removed for not wearing a HRM. They are not removed for exceeding category power. This is true for the Zwift Games events as well. That’s just how they roll. They let the result stand and upgrade the rider when they try to enter a new event.

Thats not really motivating for the others if those are kept in the rankings…

And thats an understatement.

Meh. I just ignore it like I ignore the fact that people deliberately cheat or ride with dodgy equipment that flatters their ability to an absurd degree.

I find focusing on my own performance pretty satisfying (and fun) and the majority of the competition is genuine. That’s enough for me.

A bit rough that my ZG Stage 1 Cat C time got me 21st when it was fully 2 minutes faster than some of the winning times in other races! Why did I have to join the spicy race!?! :tired_face: :joy:

OK but imagine a couple other scenarios:

  • New racer has no idea what they are capable of. Enters a race and has a really motivated ride, finds out what they can do. DQ.
  • Racer getting stronger, has a great ride, reaches a new category. DQ.

That could be largely solved by having a better tutorial. They could have a bot that essentially does a ramp test, and the tutorial tells the new rider to try to keep up as long as they can.

IIRC the old system gave people an UPG code when they exceeded the cat boundary for the first time, but they weren’t disqualified unless they went over by a significant margin. A similar rule should still apply, and ideally they would be removed from the race before it finishes.

Oh sure there’s a ton of things they could do to improve it, but just disqualifying people is probably too blunt an instrument without some other developments. Whether they actually do that work is, well, I guess I’ll leave that alone.

If they ever get around to implementing categories based on racing score, a load of people used to racing at the top of category are going to get bumped up and it’s going to be interesting to see the reaction. (I’ll probably be one of them.)

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Easily solved by taking their times with them to the new cat for GC.

I think everyone should understand if they exceed the limits that race has no results but they can freely go on in their next catagory.

Its a bit the same with hrm. Not everyone does it to cheat in some way. But they are all excluded.

And in both cases you name you would probably not see a 4.9 w/kg in a C cat race.