Who do i talk to about a result question?


i have recently had some medical issues. and not raced for sometime. Zwiftpower still has me as C Cat although in last weeks ‘Get rolling’ race i entered as a D and my result stood. this week i entered and even though i finished 60 something with an AvG 1.7wkg i got and ‘UPG’ against me.
If i over ride the Category in zwiftpower will this work or will i still be labeled as a C rider?


Hi @Ray_Connor

It look like the race you did on 9/5/22 STAGE 1: GET ROLLING—Queens Highway @ 2.596w/kg put you over the edge. So you are now a solid C rider.

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Hi Gerrie

Thanks for the reply.

the problem with that is it was at my old weight. i then changed it once i remembered and was then banned due to excessive weight adjustment. (this has now been solved with an embarrassing video.)
so when i entered yesterday i was allowed to enter the D cat even though it says Cat enforcement is in place.

if i wasn’t level 50 i might consider scrubbing it all and starting again.

cheers anyway.


Drop me a message to remind me. I’ll scrub the data you hold with an inaccurate weight.

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Hi Ray,

i will also fix your results from last weeks VirtuSlo Fight for GC.

I hope to see you back tonight for Stage 2.

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Dejan and James

you guys are awesome. thanks again. i realize al this is probably an issue of my own making but you are stars for digging me out.

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