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Morning all Zwifters,

I am recently new to Zwift (nearly 4weeks). I have completed the first three Tour of Watopia stages as a cat D rider. (23rd, 1st, 3rd according to Zwift Power). Having just completed a crit race this morning, my Zwift Power category has been upgraded to C (Average over last three has been 2.56 w/kg).

I just wanted to know, if I enter the next two stages in Cat D, will my results be filtered out?? I would like to complete the tour competing in cat D as so far I have been pretty competitive. However, I understand that I have just crossed the borderline into Cat C, and technically should now ride as a C.

Any thoughts on what I should do??

If ZP upgraded you to C then you will get DQed in ZP if you race in D.

Congratulations with the upgrade, all the hard work is paying off.

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Yes, congratulations on the upgrade! If you drop down to race in the D cat you will be know as a sandbagger and ridiculed mercilessly :crazy_face:

Dont be a sandbagger.