Issues with Haute Route 2021?

Hey all - we wanted to post some information ahead of Haute Route.

A gentle reminder to update to the latest game version.
Symptoms that you’re on an outdated build include:

  • If you see your avatar dressed in your normal kit
  • If all avatars are dressed in the default orange Zwift kit
  • If you’re not riding a Colnago (camera view 4 shows the frame from the side)
  • If there are no Haute Route banners or artwork along the road.

What’s the latest version?

My team / club affiliation is missing in the Riders Nearby list
UPDATE: Release 1.10.1 (v1.0.63186) is available and fixes this issue.

  • The quick workaround is replacing the [square brackets] with (parentheses) in your username.
  • This is a known issue with game release 1.10.0 (v 1.0.63185) that dropped this past Tuesday.
  • We’re working on a patch release v1.10.1 that will fix this, targeting tomorrow (Friday.Feb 26).

ZwiftPower issues:

  • For General Classification results to work: pick one event category (A/B/C/D/E) and ride in that category across all three stages.

  • Don’t be a sandbagger. Pick the category that’s the most competitive for you. Normal category rules will apply.

  • Live Data has not been working, and will not be in effect for Haute Route. We’re working on a longer-term fix for this.

  • Results may not be accurate immediately after the stage, but within 24 hours, they should filter out correctly and GC will reflect your efforts.

If you are seeing any issues during your Haute Route ride - please add to this thread. Thanks!

I had these symptoms but use Apple TV. Assumed Zwift would update automatically but it looks like it didn’t.

Also, I got a UPG DQ for riding in the C category. I’ve ridden in that category for a long time without issues, including TdZ. Now I get UPG, which is quite disappointing. I’ve seen ways of setting my ZP settings to not Let ZwiftPower Decide, which I’ve done. I set the applicable to date to a few days ago, as I have seen that would fix the UPG issue. But it still hasn’t changed. How can I, do I, refresh the event results so I’m no longer DQ’d?

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The category in which you are required to complete is based on your past performance (average of best 3 results [specific power] over the preceding 90 days) - if your choose to ride in a weaker group, or perform above the category limits, then you get flagged (DQ/UPG). Also just to note that TdZ did not adopt the normal “power” categories but rather offered difference routes/lengths for A, B and C. It would totally undermine the purpose of ZwiftPower if people could just elect to race in lower categories.


you have been a B for some time.



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So apparently my Apple TV app didn’t update automatically as it normally does - did the event this morning - and didn’t look here until after because I had issues… everyone except for a few were in the orange jersey … and my results aren’t showing up as being the event. Will/can this be corrected? (Looks like out of the 24 ladies that completed the event, only 3 are showing up in Zwift Power… )

I ran into a glitch just short of the Epic KOM where all the other riders disappeared and my companion app lost my HR, power, and cadence (all remained on my Apple TV). I ended up doing the rest of the race solo. Zwift lists my activity but it does not show in the results. Is there any way to fix that? Thanks!!!

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Question in advance: do you have to can you choose wheels? Can you mountain bike switch for jungle? I assume the answer to both is now which is fine keep it simple but can’t find info?

I looked into this and watched a video: mine hadn’t either. I want to the App Store to the app and it said update available and clicked and then it updated. I did have automatic updated enabled but yeah had to manually do it. The version # shows on the check on screen so can tel if not sure.

First time I am riding this Haute Route 2021. I am riding “D” category. I am not the fastest rider out there, and often times, I think I am coming in very near the very last, if not the last. Any able to check on that for me? I think I know what the term sandbagging is, but could someone please clarify it?,
Thanks, and see you on the road later! or maybe not!

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Do we have to ride in our zwift power category to get credit for a stage? I rode in the C category last night and did not get credit for the stage.

sandbagging means you ride in a category that is below your ability (based on ZwiftPower Category).

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Ok, then I’m definitely not sandbagging! Though it feels like I’m pulling along a bunch of sandbags! I wish I could get some more speed, everyone is leaving me behind!

Thanks for getting back to me.


yep - UPG DQ’s everywhere, very annoying if you are on the lower end of your Category.

I can hold 3.3w/kg for 20mins.
I’m gonna be dead last if I enter in Cat B, or disqaulifed if I enter in Cat C (where I can hold 2.5-3.2 w/kg for 2 hour on average). This is not going to be a fun event for me either way now.

Unfortunately it’s based on 20min power and not 2hr power - which will confuse a lot of people when signing up as it asks you to sign up based on your “average power” which most people will assume means “average power over the duration of the ride” (2 hours).

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I posted a warning about riders getting UPG’d for riding down category or riding beyond category 20 minute power limits and the loss of event status. I’m not sure if that made a difference but the start of the 6am PST C group “ride” was very much within the C cat limits. Very, very nice to have a start not dominated by out of cat riders blowing up the event.

I would suggest posting that up before the C and D group events to let the sandbaggers know the consequences riding down cat.

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Ben, I’m pretty sure there’s going to be plenty of B riders not treating this as Stage 19 of the Tour de France. I’m having knee trouble and I found a group to ride with in my C event.

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Hi all, sorry if this has been covered. I have just finished the first stage of haute route and been upgraded from c to b. I see the advice on faq for haute route is to enter the same cat for each stage. However will I now be dq if I enter c?
Thanks in advance
(sorry I have already posted this but just found this thread)

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I had an issue with my zwift after 36.5km, the app shut down completely and when I reloaded it I couldn’t save what I had done. The activity is still showing on my account but says “activity details could not be loaded”.
This has happened to me during other events and I have no idea why


meh not rly. i started out in 320/410, just small groups. epic KOM got dropped, but people ahead were disconnecting so didn’t lose any places. but by then it was just 2-3 people groups. rode solo from watopia KOM to volcano, got destroyed on volcano xD final time 1:52ish (top-300 out of 410). top cat C riders did it in 1:44ish. if i had ridden in cat C, i wouldn’t have contested podium, but would have had a much better time in larger groups towards the front where i can actually make use of the draft, resulting in a faster time. (but also would have got DQ’d zz)

basically my sub-anerobic threshold pace is like the absolute bare minimum a B rider will ever put out, so im killing myself whilst everyone around me is chilling. once the road starts going upwards, im just going backwards compared to those guys xD i’ve got a decent sprint, but in a 2hr race that doesn’t mean jack.

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