Zwiftpower gc

Your GC position is pretty safe, because a rider upgraded from C to A will not get any useful GC ranking once they are forced into A. They would have to contact support to have them manually move their C categor rides to the GC for A category to get anywhere at all, and you know that’s not going to help them a lot. The loophole that could use filling is when a rider gets upgraded, they should also have any existing race entries upgraded to their new category. They shouldn’t be able to keep riding events in C that they signed up for before the upgrade. But if that rider didn’t successfully sign up for every event in C before the upgrade, they will not be a factor in the GC for C after the next races.

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My main problem here is the results that they are kept in. Why only check before a race if someone meets the criterea. Why not have something like if you exceed a certain amount over de cat limit you get dsq.

Due to work hours I wont compete in GC since I am not able to race prime time. So I am basicly racing the races for the highest position.
But now there is a possibility this happens every race and nothing gets done about it. And someone playing the system and gets away with a win he/she clearly doesnt deserve.

And all Zwift says is ‘its within the rules’.
If riders with no hrm can be dsq after the race from the rankings, so should these.

I get CAT updated (from D CAT to C CAT), and now I am showing two GC….one for D and one for C. My Numbers are not together.

As Paul mentioned above, you need to contact Zwift to get them to manually move your cat D results to cat C.

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I did, the answer was:
After taking a look at your account, I was able to see the completion of the stages you mentioned and that you’re listed twice in the general classification. I’m afraid that it is not possible to move the results because the power wont be fit the category.

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I don’t understand their explanation. I can see why moving from C to B in GC could be problematic because the routes are different, but going from D to C… why not? Weren’t all the D races the same route and distance as C?

I don’t understand it, too. But I didn’t ask - my philosophy is not to try to understand everything (I am to old to lose my time for it). So I just made up stage 1 and 2 in C Cat, mission completed.