First race results

I just did my first race expecting to come dead last, but when I crossed the line a message flashed up telling me I was in the top 21% in the race at 43rd.

However in the app it shows me at 43 out of 76.

I really enjoyed the experience and I think I’ve worked out most of what was going on but I’m not sure I get quite how the leaderboard works. I’ve done some googling and found out what the yellow triangles and the little brown burrito looking power up are all about though I doubt I used the power ups sensibly though. Any help on what the 21% means gratefully received.

Thank you.

I suspect your 21% was for ALL riders whereas your placing you see in the Companion App is where you finished in your category.

EDIT: I just found your activity - you entered Cat D so my theory is clearly wrong unless they had a Cat E with about 23 riders behind you.

It could well be a bug or ??. If it happens again, try and grab a screen shot of it.

Apologies. I forgot to mention it was the D category and I think there were 196 racers in total.

Do you know if the higher Cat’s had further distances/laps?

No. It was 16.2k for everyone. It’s probably a bug, still it made me marginally happier than I actually deserved for about an hour… and I was VERY happy at not finishing last.

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I was going to suggest Zwiftpower to you and I see you are already on that. Did you realise that you came 19th out of 31 in that? Good job!

I’d suggest you ignore Companion App/Zwift results in the flash screens at the end of the race as they include sandbaggers, Zpower trainers (ill-formed trainers) etc and just use Zwiftpower (your race had about 17 racers in front of you in the wrong Cat, for example!)

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