I WON Race in the monitor, but not in the resalts

Guys, participated in the race yesterday. Recorded video.
The video clearly shows that I won and first went under the arch, which shows the race table on the right. Here are the shots before crossing the finish line. Full video.

It can be seen that 4 meters before the finish I’m already ahead of the opponent (meter to the finish above and the table with the names on the right).
For a meter I already win almost a bicycle (I attach a screenshot).
But then the results of the race, where I am in second place.
It’s not that I am complaining, I just want it to be more clear in the zwift where the finish line is and if the counter on the right shows that you are the first, then you are the first and not the third or tenth.

I think this is just an issue with lag and people all over the world racing. I’ve seen my result go from first to second on the finishing leaderboard before. I think it’s also that issue of what you see isn’t the same as what others see.

Well, I’m not talking about the picture and what we see - but about the data - according to the data, I’m already ahead of it 4 meters before the finish - look at the print screen. That’s the problem - I’m ahead on the right in the list before the finish! Do you think the data on the distance to the finish line and what place they occupy - also for everyone, depending on the ping? I don’t think so …

At 4.9 w/kg are you racing in the correct category?

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Doesn’t look like any of the other top finishers in the B cat were either :rofl:


To be fair it was a 5 minute race. It might not be that unrealistic to push that high over your FTP for that long.


I looked at the video and it look more line halve a bike length not 4 meters.

The data you see on the screen are the same as the pictures and that is relevant to the ping time. Rider data go from rider to Zwift and then back and that takes time.

So Zwift api keep track of racer start and finish time and then use that to show the results.
We see this often in Zwift races.


Its sprint race on 5 km… YES!

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You didn’t understand me - it can be seen on the screen that I was ahead of him 4 meters before the finish …
I circled the data on the printscreen.

Sorry my bad. :scream: :rofl:

Yes I see you were ahead of him, and he was chasing hard.

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What’s being said is what you see on your screen isn’t always the truth. There can be time delays which cause what’s shown on your screen to be slightly behind what actually happened. I’m not sure if it actually helps in situations like this but I always visit time.is website to make sure my computer clock is as close as possible to real time. Even with that though a delay over an internet connection can cause this. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lag. And specifically from that page “Lag due to an insufficient update rate between client and server can cause some problems, but these are generally limited to the client itself. Other players may notice jerky movement and similar problems with the player associated with the affected client, but the real problem lies with the client itself. If the client cannot update the game state at a quick enough pace, the player may be shown outdated renditions of the game