First over line, but not in results

I have encountered this a couple of times in races, and now i have straight up evidence. What you see on screen should be what happens ingame or?
My m8 that got first said i was in front on hes screen too.

In my livestream at 48:20 u can see the last meters of the sprint:

Screenshots where im clearly in front:

Results ingame:

Results Zwiftpower: ZwiftPower - Login

I’ve experienced this too. Bizarrely it was my friend I beat on my system but they got the win… However, he’d streamed the race and on his system it showed him taking the win.

What you see on Zwift is not what others see on Zwift.
It must be very frustrating when it happens in a race.


“The back-end API don’t lie…”
You are listed as 2nd on the Rider list; would be interested what position in list your friend saw on his screen if he recalls.

Perhaps you were relegated for an irregular sprint. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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The times are exactly the same to the hundredth of a second, can you say photo finish! I wonder also what the update setting in each of your profiles was with that close of a finish if you were using the 3 second update it could mess with the game displayed result.

Oh or tenths of a second anyway, wonder what Nielson’s screen showed 3 tenths behind you two! Is the +1 one thousandth of a second? Doesn’t look like it, strange wonder what it does stand for?

Yea ofc.
He dont recall the riders list, but hes sure he did see the same thing on hes screen as mine, that he is 2.

@Ole_Jensen, but in this case i was, my friend saw him self as 2. like the screenshots. “He dont recall rider list tho”

Bill, i think +1 is just standard, Zp says 0.008s :stuck_out_tongue: thats close but there more than 0.008 on the screen…

Guys, think if this was the case to the worlds :open_mouth: #1 wins on screen but gets in #3

Im no Julian alaphilipe :stuck_out_tongue:

You could almost hope for it to happen. Then Zwift maybe finally would set resources aside to fix the problems with racing on the platform.

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This happened on one of the live broadcast zwift races several months ago. You watch the broadcast and Rider A clearly won but Rider B got the win according to the results and the data. What you see on screen is different to what everyone else sees on screen.


So Zwift follow the Everett rather than Copenhagen interpretation of Quantum mechanics for their reality, so different people win in different Zwiftverses.

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Well, Lauren Stephens seemed to finish 3rd in the broadcast (as well as in my app), but Cecilia Hansen somehow managed to squeeze in front of her in the results… 2020 UCI Cycling Esports World Championships - YouTube


I may have watched the same one and probably seen two others - one where the results got reversed shortly after, and the other looked similar distance as Klaus, but the commentators said “we should wait for the official result” rather than going with what was obvious and it was reversed. More poor coding they cant be bothered fixing.

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