ZwiftPower under reporting power for 5s, 15s, 30s, 1m intervals

I’m seeing ZwiftPOWER consistently far under report power compared to Zwift for races and some rides.
see Zwift graph

vs ZwiftPOWER


You have your activities marked as private. Make them public and you will get the correct data after ZP processes the event (the lightning bolt turns blue).

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All my Zwift activities are public by default. It took ZP about 2 hours to update everyone’s numbers for this race.

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I blindly ignored the names in your pic and saw a bunch of green bolts assuming they were all your events … wrong!

So does your comment still apply that ZwiftPOWER consistently far under report power compared to Zwift for races?? I checked your EVR race from a few weeks back and the ZP power curve looks to align with the Zwift Activity in CA and your Strava graphs.

Generally ZP processes events within an hour or so of an event finish but at times they get take longer (or get jammed and need someone to give them a nudge).

No mostly not.
But there are a few exceptions where everyone’s numbers looked low.
I’ll try an update on those 2 events later.
zwiftpower com/events php?zid=2365394
zwiftpower com/events php?zid=2085685

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How do you compare your ZP with the Timeline Graph? You dont see see any stats you see on ZP except the Avg Heartrate.

I compared my last Race on ZP to the Data on Garmin Connect and i get the very same Results for 10m,5m etc

I download the .fit file from Zwift and load into Golden Cheetah. It shows maximum power for 5, 10, 15, 30 seconds and 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 30, 60 minutes on the activity side bar. It’s free too.
You can also get these numbers from the power curve in Golden Cheetah, Strava or any app that shows a power curve.

Are you only seeing this under reporting on results that are using Live Data, or are you still seeing this after the fit file has been loaded? It is expected to see under reported data while a result is using Live Data because there is so much data missing from the power curve that it’s impossible to create accurate data for those shorter intervals