Zwift Power numbers completely wrong [March 2024]

My power to weight numbers were all wrong on yesterdays Stage 3 big spin ride. It looks as though a number of others also had the same issue.

Same here! HR data completely wrong too

I wonder if it’s related to this

This is a known problem as old as ZwiftPower that only got noticed this past couple of weeks due to the huge load of the Big Spin events. We have a fix scheduled for tomorrow :crossed_fingers:


This issue is affecting me as well on my “Big Spin” rides. Will Zwift go back and correct the erroneous data in Zwiftpower? Or will this fix only be applied going forward?

Post Edit: I just checked and it looks like some of the previous data has been corrected, however my March 14th ride still hasn’t been corrected yet.

Thanks for the help with this. It’s nice when issues are resolvable!