Stage 3 | The Zwift Big Spin 2024 [March 28, 2024]

Rode the long on Wednesday 3/25 @ 9:15 am. Although i completed the stage most of my power data is missing. This happened to a significant number of riders. Is it possible to have this corrected?

Hi @Kenneth_Buny. My name is Juan, I’m part of Zwift support team. I appreciate you taking advantage of this space to get help from our community.

Without a doubt, not seeing your power data after putting in a lot of effort is really surprising for you. Since you mentioned your power data, I assumed that you are talking about Zwift Power stats. I moved toward your Zwift Power profile and confirmed that your data of Stage 3 | The Zwift Big Spin 2024 is missing. I’ll look into this. Once I have updates, I will get back to you.