Zpower missing data

I rode the third TdZ stage and when I went to Zpower website to check my results all the data about the power I generated during some seconds and some minutes was missing.

Why is that happening?

If you looked immediately following an event, it will not be there. Generally it takes a little bit of time to populate following the overall end to an event.

If you post the details of which ride, day, time… I’m certain someone can look that up and assist with more information.

Thanks for your quick reply back.

It took place on Wednesday 19th Jan, TdZ 3rd stage and was at 22pm (utc+1).

The weird thing is that if I check all the other riders, they have their own data but mine is missing. Didn’t happen on previous rides.

Timezone would be handy Oscar. That or the eventid from the actual event (in the url - the last 6 or so digits).

Have you by chance got your events marked as private (in your profile on Zwift/Companion App)?

As I said it took place on Wednesday 19th Jan at 22pm utc+1.

The id that is showing on the link is that one: 2556736

My rides are private but my previous rides you can find all the data on zpower but not in this one. Sorry about the private or public stuff.

They are all marked private hence the green lightning bolt. The data you see listed in ZP is not the final data. You can see in your power curve - sample from one of your rides …

Sorry I changed my last post saying that yes my rides are private but I don’t get why all the other rides I can see the data but no on this last one.

The data you can see on other events is not finalised data also - the power curve I posted was not from your most recent event. The ONLY way to get accurate data is make the events public so ZP can process the data.

Data first published to ZP is “live” data. You can see it using the Live button during an event. That data is not used for finalised data - ZP pulls your fit file from Zwift to process finalised data - hence the two data sets are similar, but different.

Possibly the the reason why you have null data displaying for this latest event is the shear amount of processing ZP is doing at the moment with all the events on and its had a bit of a hiccup - ZP does that quite often. Zwiftpower team can reset an event and it may fix the issue, but may not.

Hope that helps a little.

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Thanks for your explanation, I appreciate that.

So I will leave all my rides public and lets see if zpower can update my data or at least in the future events my data looks more accurate.