Wrong Power in Zwift TT Club

Hi guys it looks lioke I had a wrong calibration on my Powermeter, I’m not able to ride this Number 442 Watt average! Please delete or Error the race.

I want to ride fair!

The race was the : B 2/26/24 [Zwift TT Club Racing - Innsbruckring zid=4224259)

Thank you for your support

Ride on.

Email zwiftpower@zwift.com

No help for this is available on the forum

Welcome to Forums @Rainer_Rainer_FausW. It’s Juan a Zwift colleague at Zwift. The fair Play is one of the most important aspect for our community, we are proud to know that people like you is part of it.

I was able to see that your issue was successfully addressed via email support. I’m glad to know that everything is fine. If there is anything else I can help you with, please let us know. The support guys would be happy to help.