Why does ZP take so long to populate data?

In a world of instant gratification, ZP feels like it operating on window 486 running on dial up modem. During peak season, like a ZRL race, why does it take 6-10 hours to populate the blue bolt? I can order Amazon Now and it gets to me faster!

From a racing experience, I haven’t seen any other game sucks as much in getting the results. This is akin to waiting at the DMV.

They should really upgrade the system.

it used to take longer. if you do a KISS event though, you can skip the queue, since the original devs were members of KRT. the reason the code is old as hell and mostly untouched other than some back end stuff to deal with heavy traffic is because well, that’s basically the best thing zwift can do with it. if they start changing stuff then they start becoming liable for every issue that might arise from any changes they make, and the ultimate goal is to probably close zwiftpower anyway. though from what i understand, that probably won’t happen for at least another three hundred years

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My understanding is that originally Zwiftpower was created by two independent community racers to support racing when Zwift was not doing so. Zwift took it over from them in 2020. I believe Zwift subsequently announced that eventually they plan to replace the site with something native to Zwift and shut Zwiftpower down and in the meantime that they do not plan to invest in it to improve it.

Edit: The short answer is many things are done manually and are not automated on Zwiftpower so it takes a while for a human to have time to push the right buttons as they are not working 24/7.

I have also wondered about this. The process appears to be automated, with updates occurring at scheduled intervals. But the short duration power data doesn’t get updated for many hours.

Strava gets it done within minutes.

Hey - thanks for raising these concerns about ZP.

Like @Lebasi_Lashley mentioned, Zwiftpower was originally created by community members several years ago and was not built to scale to the traffic levels that we experience today on Zwift. While we have made a number of performance improvements to Zwiftpower and continue to do so, there are still times where results take awhile to process. This is particularly slow during peak times (European mornings, during popular events). Also, just to clarify, we don’t have people manually entering data for ZwiftPower, it runs on automatic batch jobs processing queues of requests.

We are continuously looking at ways to improve the performance and reduce bottlenecks of ZP’s processes. There is a lot of functionality that ZP provides that we don’t plan to implement in Zwift in the short term, so we plan to keep it around for the time being.


How Zwift HQ prioritizes things perpetually confuses me.

Confetti socks that effect like 26 people: highest priority.

Fix the only way to see results for races: zero priority.


Thanks for the clarification Ryan. I was under the impression that while data is not entered manually some things (like updates to GC standings for events like Zwift Games) don’t happen automatically and required a staff member to hit a button to get the process started.This explanation was given on the forum for lags in updates over the weekends. Is this not the case?

GC events run by community organisers need to be updated manually by the organiser and possibly also approved by a staff member, such was the case the last time I contested one which was admittedly a while ago. I remember waiting like 5 days after every race for the boards to update. i’m not sure if official ZHQ events do. sounds like it though. i do know that if there is an error that affects all of the stages of a given event in a ZHQ league, that needs to be fixed manually

ryan is probably referring to day to day operation and general results sheet processing. that’s automatic

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Apologies for the confusion! Yes, some of our community organized races have some manual steps to apply special rules. @S_A_Cestria_CC is correct, I was referring to the day to day operation being automatic.

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Oh the irony of someone labelled ‘Zen_Master’ demanding instant gratification. Zwift should maybe add some more Zen gardens to Neokyo.


nothing wrong with liking that sort of new age voodoo. don’t try to argue with me about it either, because i’m a capricorn. us capricorns always gotta be right

Wrong, aries are the ones!

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@Ryy is there a timeline as to when Zwiftpower will be decommissioned and racing and results management will all be taken totally in game to Zwift? One of the biggest frustrations as an organiser (over and above the manual updating element) is when a huge proportion of racers (often the majority) don’t appear in the results.

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The scorpio mysteriously smiles and knows the truth.


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@Michael_Sparshatt We have no plans to decommission ZwiftPower at this time given the significant functionality it offers. Instead, we are actively exploring ways to incrementally address some of these pain points in ZwiftPower. Where it makes sense, we may start to develop some of these features into zwift.com - like the recent launch of race results through the web.


Thing is that zwift have said that no work to zwift power will be done in terms of functionality, if it’s not being decommissioned it’s just left there to stagnate

there’s stuff on there that people like but would never fly on a corporate site. i like the no BS but efficient event list, for example, but nobody knows what the hell half those symbols stand for and even i think some of them are useless. doesn’t matter because each event only takes up a single line of space regardless… and that feature zp has where you can request all of your fit files for download is staying broken for a reason. those things that arent really problems become problems if zwift start messing with it too much so i’d rather they did just leave it, as long as it stays online and ideally working

Issue is that organising a race using it isn’t great

for once we agree brother. if you make organising and moderating a race easier then like 90% of the “problems” with zwift racing would disappear imo. and i probably won’t shut up about that for the next few years either, since it’s not like i have any real issues with the actual racing

I like my race history on Zwiftpower. To easily see historic placements, power etc all for Zwift specifically. Nicely row by row per event. While the data is stored on Strava, Garmin etc as well I prefer how it is shown on ZP actually. Only races, not each activity and of a particular thing (in this case Zwift). I am hoping it won’t disappear as on Zwift itself I never look and mostly find it unusable.