ZP Blue / Green bolt problem

I have an obscure observation. Over the past couple of months, whenever I have done 2 events in close proximity (within an hour of each other), the .fit file of the 2nd event will not be processed in Zwiftpower, leaving me with a green bolt.

My privacy settings are public, and in all cases I have joined well before the start of the 2nd event and completed the whole thing.

Others who did the same combination of events as me have the same issue.

Can anyone advise?


I noticed the same. It happens often in this situation, but not always.

It does not seem to make a difference whether you joined before the event or had a late join.

Actually, this problem is more prevalent since Zwift took over ZwiftPower…
In the past we had “sticky” to perform a hard reset within the first 24 hours to solve this. Now it takes Zwift support several days to even look into a support ticket…

Good to know that others have seen the same.

Since late Feb, I have done the combination of 6am Evo Sprint Race immediately followed by either Evo Core or Vortex on 7 occasions. On 6 out of the 7 times, the blue bolt never appeared. None of these were late-joins.