No .fit files being created or uploading to strava

So my activities are showing in the zwift dashboard, but not uploading to strava even though the account is linked. Also its not creating any .fit files anywhere on my PC for manual upload?


have you any answers yet?

Sorry for the belated response! We’ve been pretty busy gearing up for launch.

If files aren’t being created on your computer, it’s likely a problem with Zwift’s computer permissions. Zwift needs to be able to write to the Documents\Zwift\Activities folder in order to save the .fit files there. If it can’t do that, due to something like permissions or a sync program (like OneDrive), then it won’t be able to upload them either. You can’t upload what you don’t have, right? :wink:

We recommend running Zwift as an Administrator from an Administrator account. If you’re still having problems, don’t forget that you can always submit a ticket via! 

yep, happened to me today. The file didn’t upload. And they didn’t exist in the directory


Happened to me too multiple times

Kilometers logged on dashboard did increase, however no .fit files in the directory nor activities shown in my Zwift dashboard

Seems to be a problem for which they don’t have a response?


Hi Jürgen,

We’re already working with you on a ticket about this. But Zwift *not* creating those folders is because something is different or unique about a specific system.