Not saving rides, not creating zwift folders

(^ Hillbilly) #1

Zwift is not saving my rides. Zwift does not even create a /documents/zwift/activities or logs folder. I have run searches for *.fit files with no results. I have followed suggestions from support such as:

First a question are there any files, of any type, in either the Zwift Activities folder or the Logs folder?
The fit files not being created would also cause the rides not to upload/save. There’s a few reasons we’re aware of that could prevent your .fit file from saving:

  • You’re out of space on your hard drive; if this is the case, try clearing up some space by deleting unused programs. “plenty of space”
  • Your account doesn’t have permissions to save to your Documents/Zwift folder; if this is the case, I’d suggest using an account with full permissions on the computer.
  • You aren’t running Zwift as an administrator; if this is the case, try running Zwift as an administrator.
  • There’s a sync program (like Dropbox or One Drive) syncing your Documents/Zwift folder; if this is the case, disable those programs.

I am running Zwift on a Mac with High Sierra. I am not sure about administrator or permissions. Maybe someone can help with this?

Zwift does keep record of my levels, challenge mileage etc. that seem to be stored in some separate memory location that is functioning properly.

Additionally, zwift does not sync with Strava with the mac, but works fine on my PC.

(Vincent W.) #2

Sorry to hear this Billy!

A few questions: When you’re searching for “.fit” files are searching your entire hard drive? Or just the documents folder?
Where is the “Zwift” .dmg file located in your file explorer? If you find it, do you see a Zwift folder there?

(^ Hillbilly) #3

Hi Vincent,

Thank you for your response. My search for .fit files were done as a search of the entire computer, then separately on the HDD and the SSD. I also manually looked in likely places it may be hiding. The Zwift.dmg file was located in my downloads folder in the HDD, the Zwift application was installed on the SSD. I deleted the .dmg file after the application was installed. Was this incorrect to delete the .dmg?

Thanks Billy

(Marcus Martin) #4

Unfortunately I cannot help with this issue - but I have the exact same problem with Zwift on my Mac :frowning:

(Klaus Kirchfeld ZRG ) #5

Since 03.12.18 update zwift i am not able to save my efforts workouts or race same issue. In app companion u can see my efforts. no file on my ssd under activity since 02.12.18.

Zwift crashes while saving (Release: Dec 3, 2018)
(^ Hillbilly) #6

Klaus, I have the same problem, and Customer support has not been very helpful in resolving this issue. Obviously we are not alone with this problem, and I am disappointed that this has not been fixed. My only solution was to run zwift on a windows PC. I sympathize with your situation.


Zwift crashes while saving (Release: Dec 3, 2018)