Not saving rides, not creating zwift folders

Zwift is not saving my rides. Zwift does not even create a /documents/zwift/activities or logs folder. I have run searches for *.fit files with no results. I have followed suggestions from support such as:

First a question are there any files, of any type, in either the Zwift Activities folder or the Logs folder?
The fit files not being created would also cause the rides not to upload/save. There’s a few reasons we’re aware of that could prevent your .fit file from saving:

  • You’re out of space on your hard drive; if this is the case, try clearing up some space by deleting unused programs. “plenty of space”
  • Your account doesn’t have permissions to save to your Documents/Zwift folder; if this is the case, I’d suggest using an account with full permissions on the computer.
  • You aren’t running Zwift as an administrator; if this is the case, try running Zwift as an administrator.
  • There’s a sync program (like Dropbox or One Drive) syncing your Documents/Zwift folder; if this is the case, disable those programs.

I am running Zwift on a Mac with High Sierra. I am not sure about administrator or permissions. Maybe someone can help with this?

Zwift does keep record of my levels, challenge mileage etc. that seem to be stored in some separate memory location that is functioning properly.

Additionally, zwift does not sync with Strava with the mac, but works fine on my PC.

Sorry to hear this Billy!

A few questions: When you’re searching for “.fit” files are searching your entire hard drive? Or just the documents folder?
Where is the “Zwift” .dmg file located in your file explorer? If you find it, do you see a Zwift folder there?

Hi Vincent,

Thank you for your response. My search for .fit files were done as a search of the entire computer, then separately on the HDD and the SSD. I also manually looked in likely places it may be hiding. The Zwift.dmg file was located in my downloads folder in the HDD, the Zwift application was installed on the SSD. I deleted the .dmg file after the application was installed. Was this incorrect to delete the .dmg?

Thanks Billy

Unfortunately I cannot help with this issue - but I have the exact same problem with Zwift on my Mac :frowning:

Since 03.12.18 update zwift i am not able to save my efforts workouts or race same issue. In app companion u can see my efforts. no file on my ssd under activity since 02.12.18.

Klaus, I have the same problem, and Customer support has not been very helpful in resolving this issue. Obviously we are not alone with this problem, and I am disappointed that this has not been fixed. My only solution was to run zwift on a windows PC. I sympathize with your situation.


Hi Billy,
Did you ever get this resolved? I am on a Windows PC (Windows 10) . I’m using a Kickr SNAP, Wahoo sensors (ANT+ mode because Buetooth is flaky). I just reactivated my account yesterday and tried multiple rides and NONE are getting recorded. I don’t see them in Activities, nor do they get uploaded to my Strava (which is all set up to do that). And, the .fit files are not being created. I searched my entire laptp and can’t find them. This is very frustrating. I put in a ticket but worried… If you have learned anything, do let me know. Thx, Lisa

Hi Lisa,

I have been trying to fix the exact same problem for my dad, he also has a similar set up. Did you ever find the solution to your problem?


Hi Ingrid,
No. I don’t have a resolution to this problem yet. Zwift support is very slow. The latest thing they asked me to check is Windos Defender settins but have not guided me on what exactly to look for. I’m getting fed up. Im a long time user of Zwift. Never had issues until I just recently signed back up for Zwift. I’m tempted to completely uninstall and then reinstall to see if anything changes. But I’ll see if Zwift support helps mor e today. Wish someone on the forum could give me guidance! - Lisa


I fixed my problem by myself (Zwift Support was’t helpful). I had to shut off Contolled Folder Access in Windows Defender (it’s under Virus and Threat Protection). Hope this helps.


Hey Lisa, sorry that our support was not enough to resolve the issue quicker. :frowning: You’re right, this was an issue that sprung from the recent Windows 10 update build 16232 that introduced Controlled Folder Access. This disallowed Zwift to access your folders by default unless you specifically added an exception for ZwiftApp.exe. The link above shows you how to do just that.

Our apologies for not catching this earlier! Glad you’re able to save your rides. :ride_on::ride_on:

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Hi - Was the original question resolved? They looked to be asking in regards to OSX not windows, but the resolution was only for windows. I am having this issue post update for OSX where .fit files are not saving down, but are still syncing with Strava.

Never Resolved. Pathetic

Did you submit a ticket? Just an FYI Vincent is not around much anymore.