L'Etape Mission didn't record all my riding

This isn’t actually a big deal to me personally, as I’ll get plenty of miles to complete this mission in time. But this seems to be an ongoing issue with missions who say “all your rides count toward this mission” (but then rides somehow don’t get credited toward completing the mission.)

I thought me supplying some specific data would help track down the issue.

On Saturday I logged into Zwift, signed up for the L’Etape mission, and started riding in game. I was already signed up for two rides, so just a few minutes after I started riding I joined the start pens for the ZSUN Base Builder ride. I rode that for a little less than an hour (24.1 miles), then clicked to join the second event, the P Race. I finished that ride (35.3 miles), then saved my ride and exited Zwift.

The next day I signed onto Zwift, expecting to see the total mileage from Saturday credited toward my mission. But it only showed 35.3 miles – the distance from the second ride, the P Race.

I’ve been talking to support about mine as well this afternoon.
I got up early to ride the Pretzel before my kid was awake, felt very accomplished at having ridden all that elevation before 8:30am - checked my little counter and the silly thing hadn’t moved :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:
Now I have to use my brain to add up elevation after each ride to make sure I hit the goal lol.
There’s no fix right now :frowning:
All my mileage counted - just no elevation

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Similar issue here - first ride everything was counted normally. But my last two rides were not counted at all, neither distance nor elevation. Anyone with a fix yet? Or simply keep paddling and adding and hope that once both thresholds are reached the mission will be completed?

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Mine didn’t record on Tuesday but yesterday’s climb did :woman_shrugging:t2:
I sent the updated screen shot to Zwift support and they said to just let them know when you have completed your miles/elevation and they will activate the prizes. They can see what you have done on their side but for some reason the counter is hit and miss.
Bust out the calculator lol and work your way through your rides :grin:


Same issue here.
Missing a lot of elevation from yesterday, but km counted just fine.
Today the elevation was registered correctly

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Same problem too. Ridden to the radio mast twice and neither ride was recorded - a lot of effort (by my standards) for no reward :sweat:

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Even as a new zwifter (not new cyclist) my “saddle was sore” when I saw that my rides were not racking up in the the “eTape TDF” challenge…:cry: (joking here…)

Probably best to just keep on Zwifting and let the tech folks behind the curtain’s at Zwift do their magic, while I keep pedaling!! :biking_man:

Here is my “hand up” of a beers to the tech folks at Zwift :beers:

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Same here.

Nothing logged on distance or elevation?

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You’d think Zwift would get this right. The Wahoo mission had the same issue. I hate calling them out because they get more right then wrong but it seems to happen all the time. No big deal, not life or death but is a bot frustrating. I’ve completed over 3500m and have 1,500 credited!

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ANNOYING! I’m so close to the Tron bike now, and I thought doing the ‘Off the MAAP’ stage 1 would be handy adding 667m elevation towards this mission, but noticed after the ride that no kms or elevation were added to my totals… The ride was recorded in zwift and uploaded to strava, but it wasn’t added to my totals… guess I’ll just have to ride those meters again :frowning: