Kona Mission | No progress @ mission counter

My rides don’t count and/or don’t always count.
Could you please take a closer look into it?! Thanks.

Kona Heat It Up Mission: Kona Heat It Up Mission

My first ride didn’t register on the counter after I signed up. I contacted zwift and they acknowledge i’ll get credit but i won’t see the counter updated.

Hi Chuck,

thank you for the info. I suffered from urgent lack of carrots :smiley:

Got the same feedback from the Zwift support team!

it is working currently :thinking::slightly_smiling_face:

Jep. The counter worked today.

No progress showing for my run yesterday but is working for rides…

One of my rides in the middle isn’t counting for total miles for the mission. I’ve ridden 26.6mi, 23mi, and recently 37.5mi this week. Mission counter shows 64mi. I just unlocked the Specialized cap. Hopefully I’m credited with the 87.1mi I’ve ridden this week :confused:

All my runs have been credited correctly.