Kona Mission: workout mileage doesn’t count?

I signed up for the Kona Mission and then did a 50 minute workout, with a little extra to get to 30km.

I saved the ride and then re-entered ride mode and saw that the mission graphic in the upper left still said 0/112. So I’m guessing that means workouts don’t count toward the mission.

Anybody else seeing this, or did everybody else already know it.

That is a bit ridiculous. I have a coach and do most of my prescribed workouts through Zwift so I don’t ‘freeride’ that often

Where do we go to do the Kona mission, I can’t find it. Thanks

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Do you need to be a certain level to join Kona Challenge?

I just did a 40km free ride and that didn’t count either so it’s not just workouts. Could just be something buggered with the iOS update of the game.

I’m going to drop a line to support and see what they say.

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The screen where you select your route should have it to the left of the screen.

It seems that you have to ride on the new Specialized S-Works Shiv Disc TT bike in order to be counted the Km.

I believe I was on the Shiv for the workout on Tuesday because that was the selected bike when I went to the customization screen afterwards. I know I was on it for today’s ride.

Make sure your client is up to date.

Thanks, I had to update my Zwift app.

I haven’t heard back from support but it does seem to be a Zwift on iOS thing, or at least on iPad.

On my lunch break I started a ride on my Apple TV and did a quick 3k, in jeans and sneakers. Saved and exited the game and when I went back my total was showing 1.9/112 so that was working at least.

I’ll try on my iPhone after work at see what happens then.

I’ve done two workouts after signing up and didn’t get credit for either. Using Apple TV and have seen that I’m riding the Shiv bike. It’s apparently not clear what you have do to in order to get the credit.

I just finished a workout on PC on the Shiv, and the miles showed up toward the challenge. Smells like an Apple issue to me.

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I use Apple TV, I’ve only had the Kona TT count so far and I should be about 2/3 through. Most of the mileage that should have been recorded was done on the shiv too.

you will also get an email stating how far you’ve come

It just popped up on the left hand side of the screen when I logged into Zwift

Only my first two rides counted (past two days). Todays 26 miles did not show up in the total. Was using computer App, as usual, and not ATV or iOS. Disappointing…

What bike did you use? I believe for the miles to count you need to use the Shiv.

I switched to the Tron bike, AFTER a Zwift representative on FB verified that is does not matter which bike you use…I also know of several people posting they have used other bikes and miles have counted. It sounds like a communication error.

Exactly. On FB and the internet, they say it is only weekly mileage but ingame the mission says on the shiv. Given the mileage needed, a lot of ppl can’t afford to have rides not count and for such a big prize the inconsistency is really poor.