Kona Mission not accumulating miles on iPad

I joined the mission on Tuesday on my iPad and did 30km but the mileage never showed in the mission countdown on the start screen after saving. Today I did another 40km, also on the iPad, and after saving went back to the start screen and the mission countdown was still at 0/112.

On my lunch break I did a quick 3km test on the Apple TV. After saving and going back to the start screen the mission countdown showed 1.9/112.

I haven’t tried on my iPhone, but will later, so I don’t know if it’s an overall iOS issue or just on the iPad.

I already submitted this via the support page but that was before confirming that it was working OK on the ATV.

I hope this can get resolved soon, and that I can get credit for the 70km I did.


To get credit for any miles/kilometers towards your progress, you must ride the Shiv Disc bike. Once the challenge is complete, the bike will disappear.

Sometimes it can take time for your progress to update. After you save and exit, try force closing Zwift and check the progress again. If your progress still isn’t updating, open a support email and provide us with a Strava link to the ride so you can be credited.