Mileage didn't update even after ride was saved

I reported this to Zwift support on Sunday after it happened, but I got an autoresponse saying the support team was very backlogged, so I figure I’ll try here.

On Sunday, I did a 53km ride. I saved and uploaded as usual to Training Peaks, Garmin and Strava. The only unusual thing was that the Zwift program stopped responding. I waited several minutes, then checked that my ride had been saved in the locations above AND on my Zwift profile. Then I force quit Zwift and went on my way. Later, I noticed that my ride distance did not get added to my profile’s total miles, my Ride California Challenge, or the Parlee Speed Mission.

I started Zwift in January, so I was able to easily count up my ride totals to verify.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s not that big of a deal. But argh! Can anything be done? And how do I prevent this from happening in the future?


Bump! I have had a couple rides not add to my total. Waiting to hear. I think something similar happened last year, and the system did autocorrect…

Same, I just finished a 50km ride and my progress says zero.

An answer from Zwift Facebook team on the same topic:

“Hi there! We have spoken to the team and unfortunately there is no way to credit the miles to your account, but if you contact our team (as you have done), they will be able to unlock the items for you at the end of the mission. We hope this is some consolation!”

I am quite dissapointed…

Well, it’s happened again. This time the Ride California mileage didn’t update, but the Parlee Speed Mission did. I haven’t heard back from Zwift support either which is just as frustrating.