Ride Totals Broken

My ride totals are not being counted, Again!! This time i’m using Zwift on the new Apple TV 4K instead of my computer. I just completed another 10 mile ride in which the total miles ridden at the top of my profile page (and on the Apple TV Zwift login screen) did not increase by the 10 miles I just rode. My Strava profile is now showing 772 miles ridden and Zwift is only giving me credit for 752 of them. Is there a way you can credit my lost 20 miles to my ride totals?  I’ve been diligently working toward and sweating buckets to complete the ride California challenge only to have the challenge further from my reach and more difficult to complete when I don’t get credit for my effort. Please help if you can to credit the 20 miles that I’m missing. I would even be happy if I could just get a credit for the 10 from today’s ride alone.  Thank You