Rode 13 miles but Zwift did not save ride

So I rode 13 miles (app is on a Mac) and when I ended the ride, the app shut down without giving me the usual Save option. It did not upload to Strava either, as it usually does. Zwift did tell me that I completed my course so I slowed down and stopped riding.

However, I see 10.1 miles on my Companion app on the phone. It looks a bit different than my other rides (can’t see the thumbs ups, for example) but it is there. Any idea what I can do to get that ride to my Zwift or is that not doable? I think I can get at least the 10.1 miles to Strava by uploading it.

It isn’t a huge problem but I am only at Level 9 and really want to keep my miles going. Thanks for any advice. This is the first time I have encountered a ride problem with Zwift.