My ride didn't save today :-(

Hi, I went for a short ride today, just to get my heart rate going. It was about 1 mile, 4 minutes. After ending the ride from Zwift Companion, I clicked Save. Then waited until it was done, and put my phone to sleep.

But the ride never showed up in Strava. So I checked my activity feed on the Zwift website, and it was not there either. So I went back to my Zwift companion app, and it was listed there in my activities, but only for a second. Then it disappeared.

Did I do something wrong? Does Zwift refuse to save short rides?

I use Zwift on an Apple TV, and Zwift companion on an Android phone.


Rides need to be 2 km (1.24 mi.) or longer and runs must be at least 0.8 km to upload.

Arg I should have rode just a little further!

Good to know, thanks.

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