Rides not saved - Missing my last rides

Hi Zwift,

It turns out that zwift is not saving any of my rides anymore. Not from my pc and not from my android. The rides are just gone!

Old question

I lost two rides in the last days. I lost a short ride yesterday and a short ride Saturday the 26th.
I pressed the “Save ride” but they are both gone and not on Strava either.

Is there a way to get them back?


Good morning @Anders_Gideon

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You won’t be able to upload it to Zwift but you can load it to Strava.

Yes, I fugured that out.
But it turns out, that zwift is just not saving anything anymore.
I just did a ride on my pc an one on my android, and thay are both missing! Not on zwift, not on Strava. Just not getting saved!

So there is a bug. And not related to the device…

sounds like something with your setup as others are not seemingly reporting this, do you see the fit files under the zwift folder in my documents?

When you say a “short” ride, Zwift won’t save rides that are less than 2km in length.


That’s it! They are shorter than 2k, because I’m returning from a knee injury…
Thank you!

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