My rides are no longer uploading to Companion App or Strava


I’ve been using Zwift for a month now on a Kickr. No issues at all. Could be related but I updated Zwift last night. Rode two courses today. Pressed saved and send to Strava. The problem I have is the rides are not showing on both the companion app nor Strava.

The progress bar of my XP, drops, elevation etc on the companion app have gone up so it’s registering that part of the ride but not the data of the ride.

How far where the rides?

First one was 15 miles and the second, 6. I’m testing now but just doing 0.1 or 0.2 kilometres. What’s the minimum for an upload as I’ve been looking at my settings on the laptop.

Googled it - * All rides need to be 2.6 km (1.6 mi.) or longer and runs must be at least 0.8 km (.5 mi) to upload. This is to prevent shorter activities from clogging up activity feeds, while longer activities should upload normally.

let me try again.

It’s working now. Whatever I did on the laptop worked. Just didn’t know there was a minimum ride limit.