Kona Heat It Up Mission

Zwift’s email says “Join us October 5th for the Kona Heat It Up Mission.”

The web link in the email says “5TH OCTOBER 2019 — 13TH OCTOBER 2019.” That web page shows links for scheduled rides beginning “MONDAY, OCTOBER 7TH.”

So can we do the ride solo starting 5 October? Or can it only be done in group events starting 7 October (USA time)?

I got the impression that the entire mission could be done solo.

As soon as the mission starts, it tracks all riding you and running you do. doesn’t matter if it’s event or free ride, solo or group, every mile is counted. Every 25% of the target distance gets you an unlocked item.

We hope everyone has fun with the Kona Mission!


Would love that Zwift paint job they did for the Shiv!!! :heart_eyes:

Do workouts count ?

Yes, all runs and rides count.

Do you need to sign up or does it automatically count your rides. I clicked on the option in the email to sign up but just takes me to the event page?

You need to signup in-game at the World/Course selection screen.

i signed up and my ride today (before signing up) doesnt count. :expressionless:

yup Same here. Just finished a ride and no movement on the mission counter

This happens to me on EVERY mission !!

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Thanks wasn’t showing on my phone got it now.

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Same here. For me, the mission didn’t show up and Zwift didn’t show as having an update. I had to refresh Updates in the App store, then download the update, then login and pair devices, and Then the mission appeared.

Yep, same here! I checked for updates before yesterdays ride- did not appear on the update list in my app store. Refreshed my updates and a zwift update from 1st October appeared. Updated the app and now it works but yesterdays ride doesn‘t count. Seems to be an issue with the new iPad software update, maybe…

I think i got why it doesnt count. When starting a new event and joining the segment by auto switch in-game (f.ex. when joining multiple events) the distance counter doens’t work and freeze. So you should leave zwift after every event. restart. and join the event manually.

but still it was request over 1 year ago: WHY IS A REFRESH BUTTON MISSING FUR SUCH HARDCODED MISTAKES? why is zwift unable to realise how many km/miles per day have been ridden. that sucks!

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I only ever do one ride and exit before starting another because it’s messed up so many times.
I led a ride yesterday - still no movement - oh well I didn’t need new socks and cap anyway :roll_eyes:

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interesting. might be another cause then?
it worked for exatly one ride for me afterwards no progress …

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I joined then went for a run and it didn’t count. When I started Zwift again the next day I had to join again. I went for a ride this time and it counted. I think it might be time zone related.

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Cool game and cool mission.

But unfortunately my ride today didn’t count?! :frowning:

Did I do something wrong? Just logged in. Mission was started already and at 90 km. Did a free ride in Watopia … ?! Yesterday it worked.

Same issue. This morning’s ride…unlocked the 25% reward for riding (Zwift Academy Tri socks). But, not reflected in the counter. It should show ~49 miles of riding.

I’m also experiencing issues with the counter when running :unamused: Did a 7,5km on Sunday and 15km run on Monday and the tracker still says 0! My Saturday bike ride did count strangely enough