Kona Heat It Up Mission

Most likely a bug vote here: Kona Mission | No progress @ mission counter

Will I only receive the paint job or the bike as well? I do not own the shiv bike up to now.

I believe you will have the paint job available once you get the Shiv.

Complete both 112 mi // 180 km and 26.2 mi // 42 km before October 13th to unlock the ZA Tri Paint Scheme for Shiv Disc and an automatic entry to win one of two grand prizes that includes:

Oh I missed that. Thanks.

What’s with the unlocks for the riding part? 180km and you get socks and three caps?


  • 25% - ZA Tri Cycling Socks
  • 50% - Specialized Cycling Hat
  • 75% - Wahoo Cycling Hat
  • 100% - ZA Tri Cycling Hat

Yes that’s all. Nice isn’t it. I’m totally out of my brain right now.
So cool with 3 hats and a pair of socks. :man_facepalming:
But if you think that’s all nooo you can only finish the mission by runnig :slight_smile: :upside_down_face:

Well, it is called the “Kona heat it up mission” so it make sense that you would need to bike AND run (swimming in the bathtub is optional).


Thanks for your wise words.
I’m currently sitting in my jacuzzi - So: Excluding customers/riders or forcing them to finish mission “x” by a new form of sport has equal pattern like discrimination. So yes i feel a bit pissed and discriminated. Riders should be able to finish as well without going for a run. That’s all. Of course it’s a Triathlon Race in real. I don’t get the point in these events. Cheers …

What is funny you will get certain pieces of clothing for a Triathlon Event but not for an Everesting (in one ride). The spirit of Kona is to finish something not to finish first - just to fall in trance. Same like doing an Everesting. The point is for those unpretentiously events you get clothing ingame but for a real challenge which make perfect events (monthly or permanent) nobody cares?! It seems to me more and more like an advertising game where manufactors significantly overtake the spirit of sport.

Well, I don’t do group rides/races so am I being discriminated against when contest requires you to do them? No, not at all, it’s a choice.

Everyone has the same opportunity to complete the challenge, no one is being discriminated against during the mission/challenge.


I had issues too. Waiting on manual unlocks of the last run unlock and the paint job. I signed up day 1, ride counted, next day ran twice (exit between) and it didn’t count, send a ticket in, changed from using ipad to windows laptop for run and all subsequent runs counted. Rides were weird though - the distances I did did not add up. I did the km missing again to finish that component though but thought I ran out of time to do the missing run km (due to the initial 10.86 not counting) however I had the wrong finish time. By the time I realised it was too late to squeeze that in. Its the first time I’ve really had any problems with a mission though. Fingers crossed I get my unlocks. It was hard to do as I hadn’t run on zwift before and usually only run 5km in a week. Add to that missing days due to visitors at home…