10000 calorie mission, calories not showing

I joined the 10000 calorie mission and have done two rides since joining. Both are showing in Zwift companion and on the date circles in Zwift (over 1200 calories) but I am still showing 0/10000 in the top LHS box. Any help? Jenifer

I have the same problem. Is there any solution for this issue?

I actually opened a post on this same issue earlier today. I did a my first workout yesterday and my calories were entered. After today’s workout, nothing has been added even though the workout details are in Zwift Companion.

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So my calories from today’s ride shows but still nothing from my two Watopia rides on the 1st and 3rd???

There was the same (or very similar) mission, last January. I signed in … and there was the same problem. Some rides were ignored - calories from those rides were not counted. Bug? Yes! Thus I sent many reports to ZW staff (Vincent, as far as I can recall his name) about that issue … I was assured that bug is well known and will be fixed asap and missing calories will be added to my account. And I was not alone … a lot of other Zwifters complained about the same issue. Well, guess what ? Never happened … no fix … no calories were added … :slight_smile:

By the way, I completed that mission (just did more rides), but then decided just to ignore any ZW’s events, missions, etc. in future … most of them bring more bugs, problems and frustration then fun … Don’t get me wrong, I really like Zwift for my indoor biking, but those issues bother me … now I just enjoy free rides in beautiful Zwift’s worlds.


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Frustrating though. I rode my longest ride (2 hours) to get a good start whilst I was off work :slightly_frowning_face:

Same here, nothing added for Bambino Fondo.

Had the same issues, but started working properly yesterday :slight_smile:

are also your previous calories updated? By me the workout from yesterday is also uploaded, but not the previous race.

I think I’m missing one 1500-ish cal (or is it kcal?) ride.

I put in a Zwift support. They are aware of the issue and are trying to resolve it. They’ve asked me to remind them at the end of jan if I’ve done the 10,000 and if I have but it isn’t showing, they will release the pizza socks. They can’t manually amend the numbers if they haven’t all registered. Best we can expect I think. J

FYI, I had a similar issue with the Movember mission, e-mailed them as requested once I hit the requisite hours, and was assured my garage would be updated… it never was =( Not a big deal obviously but I hope the donation was still made for my completion!

Hi Sable,

I’m sorry to hear that you never received your unlock for completing the Movember event. You’ll be receiving an email from us at Zwift support soon.

Ride On.

Me too. Zwift just congratulated me in reaching half way but according to Strava I have done 8,124 calories instead of the 5,000 that Zwift says. I can’t even find where to view the calories Zwift calculates. I can view the rides on Zwift.com but it doesn’t show the calories.

On the Zwift Companion App click on your image, scroll down to the bottom and click on Activities and in there you will see how many calories were burned on the right-hand side.

Make sure you have your weight correct in both apps.

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Same problem here. I can see all my calories counts correctly in the app, but they’re not added to the challenge. Is there a way to recover them?

Thanks, is the companion app something that I should be using? I fired it up once or twice but didn’t really see the need for it. Maybe enlighten me in its benefits.

Yes, the companion app has 8,124 which is the same as Strava so I am missing around 3,000 calories.

Yes, it is a very handy app for while using Zwift and outside of Zwift…

You can give Ride On’s, make turns, change views, change workout bias, see upcoming events, join events, follow other Zwifters and more.

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You will need to contact Zwift Support: https://support.zwift.com/contact/

Where you registered for the Mission for all 8,124 calories?

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