Drops missing, calories missing from challenge

Hi, new to zwift and having some issues.
I started the 10000 calorie challenge in January and have had 3 rides not add the calories I burned to the challenge, totaling over 1300 missing calories missing from the challenge. The activitys show up in zwift as recorded, just not adding calories to the challenge.
Also, I was finishing a ride yesterday and rode till I progressed from level 9 to level 10. I got the bonus glasses etc and 100000 drops. I saw the drops added to my score which got me to 545000. I went to the drop shop and looked at the new glasses etc with my new found wealth. Today when I logged on, the 100000 drops were missing, and back to where I was at level 9, 445000, but I’m at level 10 still.
Any ideas?
Thanks, Dave

Hey Dave, out of curiosity, did you ever find a solution/get help from Zwift on this? I had a very similar issue and made a ticket but have not heard anything back.

No. Nothing ever happened with it. I missed quite a lot of calories and 100000 points. It only seemed to happen when I had zwift companion open. Dave