10 000 calories challenge bug

each time I start the challenge, it reboots and i’m still at 0 after 14 runs.

anyone having the same prob ?

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No problems for me. The calories keep on mounting up.

Hi there,

This sounds like it requires a support ticket, so I created one for you. We can follow up with more detail that way.

How do you view your calories burned for the challenge?


Fire up zwift. You’ll see it (if you’ve joined) on the ride / route selection screen.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I know that, but how do you view it when not in the game? 

You can’t. Being able to view badges and achievements outside of the game is coming I gather.

It would be nice to know the status while riding as well. Especially since the calories burned on zwift are lower than what my Garmin calculates.