Challenge Results

(Jason Roth) #1

Until today, when I logged in to start a Zwift session, I could check my progress on both the 10,000 calorie challenge and the Tour de Zwift.

IIRC, I had about 185 calories left to go to hit the 10,000 calories.

Today when I logged in, I could only see the Tour de Zwift progress. I did a short ride to make sure I hit the 10,000 calories before 1/31 is over, but there’s no way to see if the challenge was completed.

Anyone know how to see if I actually finished the challenge?

Thanks. RideOn

(Lin) #2

Once you are on your bike in Zwift and ready to ride, bring up the Menu and go into Badges where you see all of your Achievements. If you scroll down to the bottom, you will also see completed Missions.

(Steven Alcorn) #3

Same thing happened to me. The first explanation that came to mind is that it ended Jan. 31 at midnight GMT and not midnight in each user’s time zone.

(Jason Roth) #4

Thanks for the help @Lin_Alan.

New question: is @Steven_Alcorn correct? When I got on my bike to ride at 9pm in Toronto, did Zwift think the challenge had ended?

The 10,000 calorie badge is not in my achievements, even though I know I completed it on time.

The challenge description should have been more detailed and said it ends at 11:59pm GMT…

(Kurt Muetterties [BRT]) #5

Same issue here… had 400 calories left yesterday. Mission disappeared from startup screen. Did a structured workout with 600 calorie effort last night. No badge…

(Mike Lister (DACE)) #6

Thats a plausible explanation but seems odd to use GMT when I think world switches use Los Angeles time.