10.000 Calories Mission

It doesn’t add up properly anymore. It shows 4600 now for a couple of days, but should already be 7000+ for me.

Also, this mission is not fair to people who generate no that many watts. Better would be like multiply your current weight by some number.

the same problem here … some activities counted, some not … not sure why, no info, no fix, no official response (except general “we are investigating”… which doesn’t help much).

Well, Zwift has “won” here definitely … I don’t care, I even don’t bother with complaints to support.

I love Zwift (my best indoor riding experience so far), but going to ignore all those “add-ons” … like missions, challenges, activities for some time, as those bring more frustration than fun …

Are you guys on Android? My partner does all her Zwifting on her Android phone and is also having the same issue. We added up all of her calories in January and the counter when you sign in is like 2,000 calories low of what it should be which will mean she won’t complete the event. Meanwhile I’m on PC and I finished over a week ago.

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I completed the Letape event on the 27th Jan 2019 and the calories burnt were not add to the 10000 calorie challenge. Why?

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Same here. Already have over 12-13k burned (when looking over the calender at the start) and the mission is still not completed.

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+1 here. Also 12-13,000 calories burned and counter sticks at 8130 for whatever reason

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