10,000 calorie mission

Calories?!? How many slices of pizza is that?

I think I can eat 10,000 calories in under 4 days.

I would say 35 slices of pizza, 10-30 hours of riding.

For me? A single meal’s worth.

How do you cancel the 10000 cal mission 

Do runs count toward the calorie total?

When does the 10,000 calorie mission finish? Does “by the 14th January” include the 14th of January or is the mission finished as January 13th closes? Is the finish related to a particular time zone? Clearly Im close but an extra day would make a big difference.


My Calorie count is all wrong.  And I’m sure it went backwards yesterday.

I had zwift crash a couple of times with one of the new updates, do the calories earned during then count?

Either means I’m just over or just over depending on what outcome.  Did it start the 16th Dec?

Currently shows I’m 3/4 done :frowning:

My calories counts aren’t correct either.  The value in the mission status bar is several hundred calories less than the total I get when I add up all the calories burned as reported in my activity feed.

Also curious about the exact end date of this challenge.  Am assuming I have all day on the 14th, but if not, then tomorrow will be rough.  :slight_smile:

Zwift confirmed that the mission ends Jan 14th at 23:59 UTC.

I’m pretty bummed. I just went over 10000 but it was 10 pm central time. I assumed I would have until midnight.