Can't find link to 10000 Calorie challenge

Where is the link for the 10000 Calorie January Challenge?

its on the main screen after you log in, where you can choose your world, route, workout, etc. Top left corner of the screen, join before you start your ride.

Top left, make sure your Zwift is updated.

Make sure your Zwift App is fully updated and you should see it.


I cant see it either.

Up to date and running android.

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Do you see the screen like the one I posted?

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Me too. I even tried uninstalling Zwift and reinstalling it. Then even signed up to get beta versions. Still no mission. Running Android only (tablet for game, phone for companion). Don’t have a computer to try. Game version is 1.0.43801. The reason I uninstalled was I thought I read there is a release newer than that. So that might be the problem but I can’t figure out how to get the update.

Do you see the screen like the one I posted?

Thanks got it!

Still no joy.

Finally fixed,

  1. Leave beta program
  2. Uninstall Zwift
  3. Reboot Android tablet
  4. Install Zwift
    Now at the version released on January 3rd, 91-1.0.44401.
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