Calories not updating on 2020 challenge

Hey folks! Happy New Year to ya’ll!

A bit late to the party but joined the “10k calorie challenge” and did my first ride of 2020 yesterday. The calorie count worked and all was well until today - I completed a workout and I see it tracked in my Zwift companion app with all the metrics however the calorie count didn’t update. Any ideas?


You should see it the next day you log in before you select your ride.

Thanks Richard - hoping to see when I’m able to login later on today.


Unfortunately this was not the case for me… calories are still missing.

Me either, I got today’s but not my previous two efforts :disappointed:

Frustrating for sure. I had to take a quick break and HR Never re-connects so I think I’ll just track via Garmin.

If you see your rides logged in your Activities log either in the app or via then raise the issue with support. If you don’t see your rides then for some reason the ride must have failed to save.

I am having the same problem and currently I lost over 1200 calories from last few days. All my rides were logged and I can even download the *.fit file for each. Contacted Zwift support twice but haven’t heard anything.

I did few short test rides yesterday trying to resolve the problem myself. I ended up renaming the Zwift folder in the \%user%\documents to allow it to regenerate all the configuration files and that seems to fix my problem. However, I will still need to rely on the support team to recover my lost calories!